Damnit Maurie sits down with Ben McKee & Daniel Platzman of Imagine Dragons who were in town to promote their new album “Evolve” which is out this week! Damnit Maurie was wearing his famous KiSS headcam during the interview, which explains the odd camera footage, in case you were thinking he was drunk.. Not at all, he just has a camera strapped to his head.. It works, and saves KiSS a lot of money paying for a camera person.
They talked about fame and the positives and negatives that come with it. “It was not something that I was not something I was trying to pursue when we were getting into music” Ben says about the fame.
“It puts yourself under a microscope, in a way, where you feel a little self conscious sometimes, but having the opportunity to connect with fans around the world though our music is unbelievable, and I don’t think that any of us would trade anything to be in the position we’re in right now” Ben adds.
“Being successful touring musicians we found ourselves away from our friends and family, and thats the biggest way fame has effected our personal life, i was the jerk that wasn’t there” Daniel says about how fame changes your family life. “There are some family members that I never really had a close relationship with, and then running into them at family events, and them asking for photos and autographs and trying to get me to pose for photos with products that they’re working with… So that was a little disappointing and weird” Ben adds when talking about how their fame affected their family life. But he still lives close to his family and friends so he says “When I’m at home, I’m having dinner parties with friends that I’ve known since i was 5 years old and visiting my grandma on weekends” Ben goes on to add “You can get a little crazy if the only people you know are the people that know you as the bassist from Imagine Dragons and then you judge yourself based on that one aspect of yourself. So keeping contact with your roots has become very important”
So many artists and bands are always in the headlines for drama, feuds and who they are sleeping with, how do the boys of Imagine Dragons stay out of the headlines? “I think that the people that are having that drama out there are putting that drama out there, they’re allowing people to have access to whatever parts of their lives that they’re tying to create interest in. we are musicians to the core, were in this because we love to create music, we’re not trying to market our music around drama.” Ben so wisely said.
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