If you’ve ever needed a reason to read ‘Terms and Conditions,’ here’s a good one!!

the Public WiFi provider “Purple” pranked users into signing what turned out to be very odd terms and conditions in order to access the free WiFi.

Users ended up agreeing to do “public services” like cleaning toilets, hugging stay cats and painting snail shells!


The user may be be required, at Purple’s discretion, to carry out 1,000 hours of community service.

This may include the following: Cleansing local parks of animal waste.

Providing hugs to stray cats and dogs.

Manually relieving sewer blockages.

Cleaning portable lavatories at local festivals and events.

Painting snail shells to brighten up their existence.

Scraping chewing gum off the streets.

“Purple” did this to show the consumer’s lack of awareness when it comes to agreeing to terms online.

Surprisingly only ONE person actually noticed in the two weeks they had the spoof terms and conditions posted.


Though many people fell for the prank, “Purple” says they won’t actually enforce the “acts of public service” described above.

Which is kind of them, but it WOULD be hilarious to see hundreds of people scraping gum off the ground and hugging animals. (Ff the animals are consenting that is)


Are you a scroll the the bottom and agree person?? Or do you actually read all the fine print?


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