I cannot contain my excitement any longer…LISTEN UP YEG, OUR GOATS ARE HERE!!!

Not only are they cute as a button, they are here to help our beautiful city battle the weed problem we’ve been having in city parks. Start munching my furry little friends!

Where will you find these incredibly cute goats? Well they were roaming Rundle Park Friday, their first stop here in Edmonton. And they plan to take over Rundle Park for the next couple of months, so what are you waiting for? Get down there! If you’re worried about not spotting one, there will be plenty for you to spot don’t worry, 170 of them to be exact!

City officials are asking that everyone respect the furry friends. Please refrain from feeding them, stay away from the fence that encompasses them, and if you’re taking your dogs down to the park make sure they are on a leash!

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