Taylor Swift is suing former Denver, Colorado radio DJ David “Jackson” Mueller for US $1, a symbolically low amount for the alleged sexual assault that took place backstage while he was taking a photo with her in 2013. Fans speculate Swift, 27, wants to set a precedent for victims of sexual assault. She doesn’t need the money, but it’s an act of solidarity to other women in similar cases that go unheard.

Swift filed the lawsuit against Mueller after he sued her for US $3 million in 2015, claiming he was fired from his job after the singer went public with her accusations. The Grammy winner’s case centres around a photograph, taken in 2013, showing the then 23-year-old singer, Mueller, and his girlfriend posing together during a fan meet-and-greet. The 51-year-old’s hand is pictured behind Swift, just below her waist. Swift claims he lifted her skirt and grabbed her rear end.

Both Mueller and Swift appeared in court on Aug. 8 in Denver. Douglas Baldridge, the singer’s attorney, shared that she is “absolutely certain” she was sexually assaulted by Mueller and is prepared to prove it. Her attorney also pointed out a serious flaw in the way people view assault allegations, saying, “What’s wrong with this picture? A woman gets assaulted, a woman reports it, and she gets sued.” This is Swift’s way of showing women that “you can always say no,” Douglas added.

Unsurprisingly, many Swift fans lined up outside of the courthouse to show their support for the pop star. The Guardian spoke to Vega Zaringlee, a 12-year-old fan, who backed up the singer by saying, “I love how she’s suing him for $1 because she doesn’t need the money, but she wants to make it a point that women don’t need to take this.”

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