“We chatted about old and new songs that excited us which led to planning on what to do with the ROMES songs once we entered my studio…I wanted to make sure you could literally ‘feel’ the power of the band as if you’re standing in the same room with them as well as be able to hear the personality of each member’s playing.”

That quote is from producer Tony Hoffer who has quite the resume, as you can see below:




Hoffer helped produced and mixed ROMES EP, Believe which features the song, ‘Tryna Be’.



The four track EP features the album title track, ‘Believe’ which ROMES member Jacob took time to explain the song’s meaning saying, “Everyone has the power to dream and no one can take that away from you. I wanted to write a song to motivate all the dreamers, myself being one of them. Live your life how you want to, not how others think you should”.

According to Jacob, there is also a deeper meaning behind the band’s music, “I look up to artists who document true emotion in their writing and I feel that’s rare in current pop music. While writing these songs, I wanted to make sure I was being real, direct and honest with myself. A strong melody with meaningful lyrics was always the goal”.

Prior to Believe’s release, the band made the decision to release it song by song, rather than all at once and it was for a strategic reason as Andrew explained to TMRW magazine, “I feel like in this day and age, unless you’re like Kendrick Lamar or something, nobody’s really going to sit down and listen to a record from start to finish.”

He added, “so this way at least people have a month to listen to one song and really enjoy it.”

You may have heard some of the band’s music on TV and in video games as ‘Believe’ has been featured in the video game Madden NFL 2017 and also during the 2016 NBA Playoffs; “When the Night Comes” was featured during the MLB 2016 All Star Game and five of the group’s songs were used on Season 6 of MTV’s hit show, Teen Mom.


Check out the full EP below!


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