Newfoundland and Labrador mayoral candidate Charles Pended is upset with local residents for putting raw hotdogs in his signs.

Charles told CBC that, “the trouble started the morning after nomination day; someone cut holes in his signs and stuck wieners in his mouth. A resident called me and said, ‘Your sign’s been vandalized! I guess somebody thought they were funny and had nothing better to do with their time.” 




However, the vandalism didn’t stop there, the culprits also dumped the rest of the package of hotdogs on car and all over his lawn.





Charles is in good faith though, he joked that, “at the end of the election, before election day, we’ll probably have a barbecue…we’ll call it a ‘bunraiser’ and people can bring their own buns and we’ll provide the wieners.” 




Let’s hope that Charles is the ‘weiner’ of this mayoral candidate!



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