Tinder plus




Tinder’s new premium app – Tinder Plus – has a bunch a new features but will set you back a few bucks.  The new premium app has unlimited “likes” and now allows international swiping as some of its ‘premium’ features. You know just in case you’re going on a vacay and need a little action on the side.


The price tag will be $9.99 – unless you’re 30 – you’ll pay twice as much. Now, the premium app isn’t yet in Canada but has launched in the US and Europe.


The 30 plus crowd in Canada doesn’t have to pay yet – the restriction (?) is only in the US. In Europe, if you’re over 28 – the price can skyrocket over 400%


Tinder hasn’t yet announced how much the service will cost in Canada – but has said that the service, in developing countries will be about $2.99 – not sure what the means for the Great White North but it might give you an idea


Some people are too happy about this – calling it price based ageism but Tinder has done their research. What they found was the young people will not pay for the service like older people will, simple as that.


You can’t argue with research I guess.