Cat DJ


Cats are snobby. I spent some time with Helena’s cats Hamburger and Hotdog and wow let me tell ya cats are snobby. No matter how much attention to throw at those two they don’t want play or pay any attention to me. I gave up. I had tuna … to try and trick them into liking me and to be honest it wasn’t the proudest moment of my life.




Scientist’s – and I use that term loosely – have figured out what music your cat likes – and it’s not Katy Purry.


According to a new study cats are actually pretty big music fans – they just don’t like your music! The study was done by the Journal of Applied Animal Behavioral Science and concludes that Cats need species specific music.


It’s all about the frequency that the music is played at. Humans ears and cats ears are different – but we already knew that part.


The author of the study concludes the music cats might like is a lot closer to the sound of a purr rather than some sweet Nick Jonas or Arianna Grande.


Here’s an example of a cat song which the study explains “has a pulse related to purring of 1380 beats per min… with melodic sliding frequencies covering 44% of the sample” (sliding frequencies are found in a variety of cat vocalizations, but aren’t commonly found in human speech):