Adam’s been teaming up with NBC The Voice execs to create a new show BUT WITH AN AWESOME TWIST!!

You’re probably thinking ‘UGH, not ANOTHER reality singing competition?’ Well Adam Levine feels your pain. He really does. So Maroon 5’s front man teamed up with The Voice‘s executive producer Audrey Morrissey and Grammy winning songwriter Dave Stewart to add a special twist to this new show called Songland.



The show will focus on singer/songwriters pitching their very own original work to record execs. It moves away from the X Factor pop-star dream and into making an actual career out of being a musician. Plus it stars the best thing that actually came out of The Voice, ADAM LEVINE!!


This idea is KILLER! You need to be able to write songs in order to have a long-lasting solid career in the music industry. Despite the awesome idea, the show title sucks, so it’s safe to say it’s either going to majorly flop or the show is going to be the biggest thing on TV!! What’s your prediction?!




(Images via Adam Levine/Instagram)