If your tired of wearing the same 4 perfumes day after day and want something to spice it up Burger King has you covered!!! Seriously there is a “Whopper Perfume” coming out!

Burger King Japan has gone on record saying it will sell a special fragrance on April 1! The product is a recreation of the scent of the flame-grilled patties used in their hamburgers.

The product, called Flame Grilled Fragrance, will be available for one day only. It will be sold in 30-milliliter bottles for ¥5,000 ($41) and will come with a Whopper sandwich.

The fragrance was developed to promote Burger King products and to enable fans to enjoy the scent even when they are not at a Burger King outlet, because yes there is nothing sexier than smelling like a flame-grilled patty…

-Tyler Jordan