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Australian Woman: “So this one time in Canada I got frostbite”

As Canadians we know what can happen in the cold we face these elements for about 8 months out of the year. So it’s pretty common knowledge what can happen to you if you fall asleep outside in the cold in the middle of winter.


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This Australian woman however did not and her photos have kind of gone viral. Emma Quirk and Australian spending some time in the great white north and as we do up here … she was drinking. She ended up passing out in the cold as she was visiting Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.


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Quirk posted some photos to Imgur with the caption “So this one time in Canada I got frost bite”. Click the link and you can see the full story from her perspective.


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Now, I have never had frost bite – I thought I might have but it turns out I was just really cold – and after seeing these pictures I am sure I wasn’t even close.


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Global Edmonton has the rest of the story.