Have you ever wished that you smelled like a ham burger?

Well wish no more!

Burger King is granting your very odd wish! Starting in April, the fast-food chain will be selling a cologne in the scent “Flame-Grilled”.

Nothing is more delicious than smelling like a Whopper! Check out the ad:


Not a surprise it’s only being sold in Japan, because Japan is basically the world capital of weird stuff. The cologne comes with a price-tag of 5,000 yen ($41 USD), but you do get a free Whopper with it!

Think it’s ridiculous? This actually isn’t the first time BK has tried to get in the fragrance game. Back in 2008, Burger King released the scent “Flame” throughout the United States.

No word on whether or not this is real or a joke but it is supposed to come out on April First. Coincidence?

What would your dream scent be? Leave a comment!

Bailey Parker

(Earl Grey tea would be my choice, if anyone knows where I can find that let me know. And yes I know, I’m secretly a 74 yr old woman, haha.)