And here we see the newest celebrity dream encounter start to flourish…

ALRIGHT. So Nick Jonas had a busy week. Not only did he host Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards, but he ALSO delivered booze and played private concerts to guys and gals in the area. Say what???

Was Nick just lonely?? Was he craving drinks but didn’t want to get drunk alone?? Was he sick of his celebrity friends?? No, no, and… maybe. What Nick did do was partner up with an app that delivers alcohol to homes called Saucey! Unfortunately, the heartthrob appearance was a one time only thing…

Check out the different appearances he made!!




Let’s focus on the fact that it’s only three months into the year 2015 and there’s an app that delivers alcohol to your home with a side of Nick Jonas!!! All is well, life is good.




(Images via Emily LorenTrey Burnette, Angela Mayhew)