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Selfie Sticks Banned from some US festivals


It’s just about festival season: Coachella kicks off in Indio California on April 10. Digging through the FAQ sections of the festival webpages one would expect to find things like: don’t bring any fireworks, leave your weapons at home, and don’t be stupid and start a camp fire, but this year  there’s a new edition to DON’T list.


Selfie sticks have been banned at this year’s Coachella festival. Organizers at Chicago’s Lollapalooza have banned them as well.


A selfie stick is pretty much the most narcissistic device you can get your hands on. Basically, the selfie stick is an arm extension for your mobile device to help take better, higher angle selfies. – pretty self-explanatory

selfie stick

We’ll have to see what happens in Edmonton but I wouldn’t be too worried.


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