The music streaming game is strong. Madonna, Rihanna Beyonce and Jay Z are among a list of musicians who all own a stake in a new music streaming service – Tidal.


It’s the first artist owned music streaming service – or at least that’s what they tell us.


Tidal will have music and video streaming  – similar to other subscription services like Spotify. The streaming service will be available on your computer, tablet and mobile device.



Now there’s going to be a two tiered subscription. $10 gets you standard quality  and $20 you can get the better quality “lossless high fidelity sound quality” – whatever that means.


So Global Edmonton has all the details on the service – we offer more of  an opinion.


Tidal is pretty much the same service as Spotify – the artists might differ a little bit but generally the idea is the same.Tidal is offering a two tier music quality service while Spotify simply has the one.


Now – my concern with this is content! What songs are going to be on whats service. If I am looking to subscribe to one of these bad boys I want to make sure I am pay for the right music and not some Colombia House CD club type thing.


Anyways, you can check it out over here at their official website.