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Justin Bieber Teams Up With Kanye West and Rick Rubin for New Album



BAM! – There’s going to be a new Justin Bieber album and both Kanye and Rick Rubin had a hand in it and from what I hear it’s almost done.


Now this quote had the whole studio laughing this morning but this is what Bieber had to say about the new songs: “I don’t want to say ‘it’s different’, because that’s what everyone says. But it is different, it’s a grown-up version of Justin and I think people will be shocked,” – that’s what he told USA today anyways.


This seems to be a bit of a reinvention album for good old JB – after a bit of a stint of teens behaving badly – Bieber says he has changed and that his new music reflects that.


We have an understanding of Kanye’s resume … he’s a bit of a loose cannon but he can produce a track! Rick Rubin is no rookie either – he’s worked with some of the greats like Johnny Cash, the Beastie Boys and Jay Z.


We’ll all be waiting with baited breath over here at the Bounce for the new Justin Bieber album – ‘cause it’s going to be good!