Tidal 2


Launching last Monday (March 30) Tidal – a music streaming service with the backing of Jay Z, Beyonce, Madonna, Kanye West , Rihanna just to name a few – has released its first bit of exclusive content.


Beyoncé released Die With You exclusively on Tidal this Saturday – which took just minutes to make it up on YouTube – a love song in honour of her and Jay Z’s 7 year anniversary. Tidal promises a bit of exclusive content for your monthly subscription costs ($9.99 / $19.99) but the ‘exclusive’ song made it on the internet pretty face.


I don’t know about all this subscription costs stuff –but the exclusive content sounds interesting to me. I’m going to wait and see how all this plays out before I start send my money.


It can’t be that exclusive because I found it on YouTube for you. Enjoy this lovely ballad!