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A Tax on Sugary Drinks? Chair of the Edmonton School Board Wants to Tax Your Soda 


Michael Janz, the chair of the Edmonton School Board, will ask his Trustees whether or not they agree with his proposal to get the province to put a tax on sugary drinks in Alberta.


Michael Janz sights few studies that suggest a tax on sugary drinks helps curb consumption and therefore helps with the overall health of children.


The proposed tax would be about 50 cents a litre … so about $1 for a bottle of pop.


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Now this idea isn’t new, Norway has tried it with a generalized sugar tax and New York City tried to tax or simply get rid of over-sized sodas.


Personally, I think this is a great idea! There doesn’t need to a pop machine inside and elementary school or a high school for that matter!


What do you think? 50 cents a litre seems like a pretty steep  tax for a bit of Coca Cola but seriously if the eventual drain on the health system can be subsidized 50 cents at time … I’m into it