Talk about a Grand Slam.

***Disclaimer: Obviously, The Bounce isn’t condoning violence of any form against any one. This is simply meant to be a light heart story with a couple breakfast food related puns.****


Goth rocker Marilyn Manson got more than two pancakes, two eggs, two pieces of bacon and two sausage links during a trip to Denny’s in Lethbridge on Saturday … he allegedly got a swift punch to the face!


According to TMZ:

“We’re told Manson got into an argument with a group at another table, and at some point allegedly called a guy’s gf a bitch.  

The guy was pissed, and we’re told he responded by punching Manson in the face.

Police confirm there was a disturbance at Denny’s that night, but no charges were filed and the case is closed.

We’ve reached out to Manson, and he’s going on the attack for what he calls a “sucker punch.”


I think this just reinforces the idea that NOTHING good can happen at a Denny’s after midnight.

***Disclaimer: once again, DO NOT go punching random people in the face at Denny’s just because you read this article. You’re in charge of your actions. Make good choices***

-Bailey Parker