You Can Now Serve Divorce on Facebook (If you Live in NYC)


Facebook is a pretty big part of most of your lives. We share everything with our friends on the book”: photos, pictures of what we’re eating, or any other highlight of day-to-day life. And now, if you live in New York, you can actually file your divorce papers in an instant message.


The court ruling, which went all the way to the state’s supreme court, has allowed  a women with a disappearing  baby daddy to file her divorce papers over the social media outlet – because well … she can’t get a hold on him any other way.


Now, the court ruling doesn’t go as far as to say that Facebook instant messaging is a preferred means to file your divorce papers – the ruling still prefers much more legal means of communication  like in person filing, etc.


I would be expecting Facebook to come out with any legal divorcee updates anytime soon.