Bruce Jenner


TMZ has learned a few things about the upcoming Bruce Jenner docuseries and has past them along to us. So, sources close to the documentary series says we’ll see both serious and absolutely hilarious moments.


Apparently, the goal of the 8 part documentary series aims to educate people on the process of transitioning and the challenges Bruce faces through the whole thing – but as TMZ mentions – you don’t have a great documentary series is all you do is focus on the negative.


There will be a balance between the dark moments and the light – or outright funny.


Another little tidbit –Bruce’s golf game will be front and centre and learning to swing with breast might prove a little difficult.


Each episode will be about an hour long and start airing July 27.

But … some of Jenner’s kids have step up to the media plate and are making a little noise asking him not to do reality TV.


Everyone, including Kim Kardashian thinks this might be a little too much and “de-class” what he’s tried to do with his Diane Sawyer interview.  TMZ, again has more to the story.