Insurance companies have no sympathy if your home gets robbed – BUT ONLY if you’ve posted a selfie online indicating that you were on vacation. WHAT?

It’s happening. Selfies are being used against us. Some insurance companies are claiming that if you’re on vacation, and you post a selfie broadcasting the fact you’re home is vacant, and you do get robbed, it’s YOUR fault!


So just because you post an Instagram selfie of yourself on a vacation you paid for, insurance is gonna be like ‘HA, you’re on your own!!’ What if half the family is at home and half the family is on vacation? Or what if the social media tech savvy teen is the only one who posts a vacation picture? There’s too many loopholes!! Too many possibilities!!


So far this is only being considered and applied in the Great Britain and the United States, no word about Canada yet. Here’s what Great Britan’s Daily Express reported on the subject:

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 2.58.39 PM

The thing is, we all know that not being home obviously makes you vulnerable to burglary, but HELLO! We pay for life insurance for a REASON!!



(Images via Blair Rotstein (KiSS Intern), Great Britan Daily Express)