Maybe I should write an album about wanting to meet Dwayne The Rock Johnson…?

Gabriel Gundacker is a musician and viner, who has recently come into critical comedy acclaim for writing an entire album about meeting a certain elderly actor…

USA Today/ Universal
USA Today/ Universal


Richard Dreyfuss, famous for his roles in Jaws, Close Encounters of The Third Kind, and many more…
Little reason is given for Gundackers desire to meet the actor, other than he is a huge fan.. Could you imagine being in Richard Dreyfuss’ shoes?



It’s actually pretty good. Here is the music video for one of the songs, “I Need To Meet Richard Dreyfuss.”


Oh and he did eventually meet him!



You can listen to the album on Spotify


Would you call it funny? Or crazy???

I think it’s pretty funny!!!
Dwayne Johnson get ready I’m going to start working on an album!

— @IsTylerJordan



quite the cutie


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