James Corden may have said that Steph Curry is “arguably the greatest shooter in NBA history” but don’t let that fool you … because it turns out that Steph can also carry out a tune … and Disney nonetheless.


James picked up the Golden State Warrior for an afternoon of fun filled mini golf and when Steph said he was hoping for Carpool Karaoke, James quickly because hesitant about the whole situation.  “Look, everyone thinks they can Carpool Karaoke. Everyone thinks they’ve got what it takes.  He’s got to show me. He’s got to earn the right to do it.  I made Adele audition for weeks.” — James Corden


After James had Steph do a few vocal warm-up exercises, Steph was asked what kind of music he prefers.  Steph then responded that Riley, his 4-year old daughter rules the radio so it was clear that Disney was the better choice.


Not only did Steph know all of the words for ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana but he and James took on Anna from Frozen and Prince Hans’ ‘Love is an Open Door’.


“He’s the greatest basketball shooter of all time, he’s unbelievable a mini-golf, he’s incredible at air hockey, he’s great at the dance game, he’s good at all games as far as I can work out, he’s a really nice guy plus he taught me an amazing noodle soup that I’m going to cook tonight.  He’s amazing. I hate him.” – James Corden on Steph Curry

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