Pepper & Dylan took over Full House Lottery Grand Prize Home #1- The Winchester! Check out the 990sq master bedroom and half court gym in this MTV  Cribs-style tour!

With the support of Full House Lottery, the University of Alberta Hospital will keep Canada’s first stroke ambulance on the road. The stroke ambulance not only gives stroke victims a greater chance of survival but helps ensure they live without life challenging disabilities such as loss of speech and mobility.

Also with the support of Full House Lottery, the Royal Alexandra Hospital will be home to the most sophisticated body scanner available today.  Using molecular imaging, the PET CT scanner is used predominantly for diagnosis and staging of cancers but can also be used to help determine the progression of dementia.  This CT scanner will provide information that typically requires more invasive procedures such as biopsy or surgery.


For more info on all the homes, prizes and ticket info, head to Don’t forget the ticket deadline is June 8!





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