Lorde was in Toronto to promote her new album Melodrama and sat down with Damnit Maurie and the two hit it off right away, “I’m already deeply enjoying your company” she said

When asked why she doesn’t like red carpets, she says “I’m just not good at them… And I see myself and I’m like, ‘you look like someone who is drowning in fresh air’ I look like I’m imploding before peoples eyes, so I’ll just save people from having to look at that and there are things that I’m good at; I’m a writer, a producer and a singer.. I’m just going to stick to my strengths on that one.”

Does she picture people doing certain things while listening to her music like, soaking in a tub or folding laundry? “I 100% do that” Lorde says.

She added, “you always think like, driving or a certain moment at a party and every being like ‘oh my god I love this song’ and running to the dance floor.. Weddings people do think about, but I’m not there yet.”

How does Lorde hear her songs? We all listen to them and love them but when she hears one of her songs, does she hear errors, or things she would change? She spoke on that saying, “I can only hear it my way until I’ve bought it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify; When I hear it the way I’m hearing all my other music that I listen to, that’s when I can hear it, I think, the way other people hear it”


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