After a recent The New York Times exposé revealed several allegations of sexual assault against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, actors from across the industry have both spoken out against Weinstein’s behaviour and shared their own experiences of sexual assault. Now, Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews is one of them.

Crews took to Twitter on Tuesday to share his own experience of sexual assault in Hollywood in the hopes that his story will “deter a predator and encourage someone who feels hopeless.”

Crews continued that, as a Black man, he was scared to react angrily for fear that he would be painted in an unfair light.

Crews also noted that he did not share his story because he was worried he would not be believed.

He concludes the thread by saying the problem of sexual violence is one that permeates the entire Hollywood industry.

Almost instantly, Crews’s story went viral, and hundreds of people thanked the actor for his honesty.

Lots of people noted how important it was that a man share his experience of sexual assault…

And one thoughtful Twitter user pointed to the reality that, if a famous man like Terry Crews was afraid to share his story. several less powerful women were in the throes of that fear at this very moment.

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