Jaden Smith, a.k.a. one of the *most* extra artists in the music scene right now, just hit 100,000,000 plays on Spotify for his hit song “Icon.”

The video is all the excess we’ve come to expect from the 19-year old, complete with wide-angle shots of a saturated sunset behind the rolling Hollywood hills and Smith looking fly with a thick gold chain around his neck, gyrating in front of a fancy car.

To celebrate his son’s streaming milestone, dad Will Smith took to Instagram on Feb. 6 to share a very special congratulatory video: an exact replica of the video for “Icon” with Will as the lead.

It is equal parts entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny. The former Fresh Prince throws in a set of grills (which actually fall out at one point), temporarily (we think?) dyes his hair blonde and sits in a pretty average-looking sedan as he mimics his son’s moves.

Everything but the shoes are the same. Will traded in Jaden’s kicks for a pair of… slippers. LOL.

Watch the full thing for yourself and prepare to howl.

Jaden loved his dad’s recreation just as much as we did. The teen left a comment on Will’s Instagram, saying “you’re the best father anyone could ask for.” So sweet!

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