Our three SINGLE contestants were given one week to find someone special. The closest to winding up in a committed relationship won Justin Timberlake tickets. It’s Pepper & Dylan’s Commitment to Commitment Challenge and we asked for your help choosing the winner.

Contestant #1 Jocelyn:


  • Introduced him to her family
  • Little big of kissing
  • Legit smitten with each other


Contestant # 2 Tara:


  • Went on road trip to Banff
  • Spent the night twice
  • may or may not have seen each other naked


Contestant #3 Trevor:


  • Been seraching for a boyfriend online
  • NO dates yet
  • Still all alone



We asked you to vote on who YOU think deserves to win and here were the results:



CONGRATULATIONS JOCELYN! You won Justin Timberlake tickets and you may just have found love.




IMAGES: Giphy & www.peepso.com

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