A new phenomenon has taken over the world, and to be honest this one is pretty fun!

You may have noticed a facebook event making its rounds in YEG called ‘Say WOW like Owen Wilson’. The event will take place April 22nd at Churchill Square.

This all started after hundreds gathered in Australia the other week to say “WOW” like Owen.


A similar event was created in Toronto for April 6th, when hundreds will gather outside the CN Tower to collectively say the three letter word taking the world by storm.

If you felt left out by this though, don’t you worry! You will get your chance to gather with other Owen super fans chant WOW as many times as you want!

The man who put together the facebook event, Jacob Senkoe, took a few minutes yesterday to call Kelsey and talk about the event and why he decided to put this together.

Even he wasn’t expecting it to take off like it has, with hundreds confirmed to go and over thousands interested in the event.

Just to prepare you for this magical day, here is a video of Owen Wilson saying WOW for 10 hours. Enjoy!


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