Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott just did their first photo shoot as a couple together!

They’re on the cover of GQ and there’s a lot of controversy over it already.

Check it out:

Some people on Twitter are not here for the looks. Check out the reactions:

Others are LIVING for this cover:

In the interview they talk about how they met, they talked about Kylie joining Travis on tour for their second date, and even the “Kardashian Curse (yeah, it’s a thing).

If you’re not familiar with the Kardashian Curse, basically there’s this theory that the Kardashian ladies pretty much burn out the men in their lives and they don’t stick around. Travis Scott says he’s not really worried about it though. (Good answer)

GQ even did a video with the couple where they played 23 questions. Kylie asked Travis 23 questions to find out how well he actually knows her, it’s entertaining af:

Okay –  I know he doesn’t want that peanut butter & jelly recipe to come out…but Kylie, hook a girl up. I NEED TO KNOW THIS SECRET. You can’t tease us with PB&J sandwiches, not even fair.




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