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According to Billboard, “The new footage gives fans an exclusive look at the Mean Girls-inspired hallway scene, which original star Jonathan Bennett declares is “exactly what it looked like.” When Grande remarks that Bennett also looks exactly the same as he did when he filmed the 2004 movie, he jokes that his ageless appearance is because of “tape and glue.””
In this new behind-the-scenes footage, it shows Ariana fans how much she was involved behind the camera, giving direction to Gabi DeMartino.  In this video, we see Troye Sivan, Ariana’s real-life bestie.  Ariana, who plays Regina George, pushes Troye into the locker and of course, nonstop laughter from the cast.


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Fans will also get the inside look during the cheerleading number, inspired by the hit movie Bring It On.  As the cast and crew wraps up, following their cheerleading scene Ariana jokes, “I’m going to go sleep for six years.”  And the cutest part, when a very pregnant Colleen Ballinger (Youtuber Miranda Sings) looks into the camera and says, “Dear son, I’m so excited to meet you” – a total aww moment! P.S. Colleen gave birth on December 10!

And if you think having three BTS videos was not enough, don’t worry – a FOURTH video is coming! Towards the end of the clip, it does confirm that a director’s cut / blooper reel is in the works.


If you haven’t yet seen the first two BTS videos, watch below.



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