Looks like Ariana Grande got herself some new ink and it’s all thanks to playing ‘Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee!’ for 15 hours straight!

Ari’s new tattoo, which is inked on her bicep, was shown via Snapchat and incase you’re not familiar with Eevee, she’s adorable can turn into eight other Pokemon. Ariana captioned the photo, “I’ve wanted this for so long. Thank you so much!” 

Los Angeles-based tattoo artist by the name of Kane Navasard is the man to thank for this creation.





A fan had asked Ariana on Twitter which games she owns for her Nintendo Switch.  Ari responded, “Honestly, yesterday I had a day off and I played Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee for fifteen hours.  Honestly.”



Variety explains, “‘Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee!’ and ‘Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu!’ are the Nintendo Switch games made after the massive success of mobile game ‘Pokemon Go.’  The mobile ‘Pokemon Go’ game, which is free to play but offers optional purchases, cleared $795 million globally in 2018.  ‘Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee!’ was lauded as ‘one of the freshest Pokemon experiences yet.'”

Ariana has a collection of small tattoos including a crescent moon on her neck, a bee next to her ear, a phase on the back of her neck that reads ‘mille tendresse’ and many on her fingers and now Pokemon, which is said to be her biggest yet.  Ariana is such a huge fan of Eevee, she even dressed up as her for Halloween ’16, which she coordinated with then boyfriend, Mac Miller.



And check out the videos Ariana posted on Instagram to show her love for Pokemon, specifically Eevee.


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