Cardi B recently took to Instagram Live where she expressed her thoughts and feelings on Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s recent cheating scandal.  We can’t forget – Cardi went through her own marital ups and downs when she publicly announced her split from Offset back in December for his cheating ways.



Cardi begins, “Y’all know I’ve been through some s**t.  I’m seeing this whole Khloe Kardashian thing, and it’s just like, everybody is just like celebrating that that happened to her, and it’s like, why? I know the Kardashians have done f****d up s**t before.  But the thing is, I think the karma got to them when the last situation happened to shorty before the day she gave birth.”


“We know how it is when a n***a f**k up. Y’all know that your heart shatters in pieces. Y’all know it feels like your heart is literally bleeding and you just want to die and you can’t even sleep. You actually can’t even escape it when you sleeping because you actually dream about it…it’s like it’s mainly the women in the comments. It’s like why do you guys like manifest and be happy off of that?”



Cardi continues, “I feel like, alright she already learned her lesson, something real f****d up happened before she gave birth, so it’s like why do you guys keep I don’t know like enjoying other people’s pain? Enjoying other people misery, knowing how much it hurts when a guy that you’re in love with, especially the father of your child, does something wrong. It’s just so sad.  I feel like everybody always want to talk about how they want to uplift women…but it be like the same women that be laughing in the comments when another woman is going through some s**t and it’s all the time…I feel like that s**t is whack.”


And lastly, “I be feeling bad because I think everybody been in those shoes.  I’ve been through it. Friends been through it. Family been through it. A lot of y’all b*****s been through it. That’s why y’all always commenting on their comments like, ‘I would never allow a man to do that to me,’ ‘That happened to me.’ A lot of y’all be saying ‘N****s ain’t s**t.’ A lot of y’all saying ‘N****s ain’t s**t’ because y’all been through some s**t like that, so why is it that y’all laugh and ‘live,’ ‘Oh I live’ for another woman’s pain—you know what I’m saying?”


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A few days back, story broke that Tristan Thompson was seen, fooling around with Khloe’s younger sister’s BFF, Jordyn Woods.  Jordyn has yet to fully accept nor deny however, all of the Kardashian sisters have unfollowed her on Instagram, including Kylie Jenner, rumour has it that Jordyn feels remorseful and has repeatedly apologized and as for Tristan, well, this isn’t the first time he has cheated on the mother of his child.  A source tells E! News, “She [Khloe]  is angry more than she is sad. And she’s shocked Jordyn would do this. Of all the guys in the world, she can’t fathom why Jordyn would make a decision like this.  Khloe is reliving the worst kind of betrayal and pain all over again.”


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