Offset just released his brand new album! It’s his first solo album It’s called Father of 4 and he addresses his cheating to Cardi B.

Remember when the two of them ended things back in December, but then they walked the red carpet together at the GRAMMYs, and he even got up on stage with her after she won an award?? Yeah…that all happened.

There’s a song on the album called, Don’t Lose Me and he starts by apologizing for his mistakes.

He raps, “And I apologize, you know what I’m sayin’? Breaking your heart, breaking our promise, breaking God’s promise, and being a, a, selfish and messed up husband, you know what I’m sayin’? I’m tryn- I’m tryna be a better person. I wanna get this off…” Later in the song, he apologizes again, “I’m sorry, let me come on home (Come home)/She said “Put down the styrofoam.”

Can’t say homeboy isn’t trying. And it seems like it’s working?



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