Yes, this is a REAL story.


On February 25th, Catherine Streng’s 77 year old grandmother, Judith, floated out to see on a giant piece of ice. Her dad and grandmother went on a trip to Iceland, and just a few days in, she began receiving some shocking texts and photos from her dad…



Judith found a large piece of ice along the shore, that was shaped sort of like a throne, so she laid down on it and waited for her son to snap a quick photo. That’s when a big wave broke the chunk of ice from the shore and quickly floated her out to sea!


Social media went bonkers when Catherine posted the hilarious exchange with her father, and Judith will now forever be known as the “Iceberg Queen.”


Luckily there was a man nearby who was a licensed boat captain, with water rescue training, to save the day. And the good news is… grandma is A-OK! Phew!

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