One thing you need to understand – do NOT mess with Pink!


Pink recently posted this super cute photo, eating dinner with hubby Carey Hart and their two children on Instagram.  The caption read, “At least twice a week on tour, we shut the door to the outside world and have a family dinner.  As you can see, it makes Jameson feel deep, deep joy.”




In comes one of Pink’s followers who writes, “Except it’s posted on IG.”  Pink clapped back, “Yes, I like to promote healthy stuff.  I also like to remind people to stop being TOTAL D****E BAGS TOO.  Consider this your reminder, F**ko.”  The fan quickly responded, “And well damn, I was coming to see ya Sunday night in Nashville.  Still love the music.”  It was clear Pink wasn’t having ANY OF IT – her response, “That doesn’t change my answer.  That just makes you confused.”


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‘That just makes you confused’ #CommentsByCelebs

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And this wasn’t (nor will it be the last) first time Pink had to clap back at ‘confused’ fans.  In December, Pink expressed her disgust when a fan decided to insert their two cents towards Pink’s parenting skills.  And why? Because Pink shared this adorable photo of her son, with his face full of chocolate.



Pink tweeted, “In the interest of saving internet space, this here is a Hart Family PSA.  There is gonna be a s**t load of motorcycle riding, chocolate eating, fun having, and naked dance parties going on.  Now we know.  Now we an get back to the other dumb s**t we were doing.”



Pink is currently traveling around the world on her Beautiful Trauma tour and she’s bringing the family along for the ride.





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