If you can’t float in the air, you can still float on water!

Thanks to this amazing ‘Aladdin‘ Magic Carpet Pool Floaty from the Disney Store, which includes an adorable Abu, your Summers are sure to be “Shining, Shimmering, Splendid!”



First off, all of your pool parties are going to feature a special guest: Abu the monkey. Second of all, it’s big. The rug portion of this floaty measures 72 inches, which is basically the size of your average twin mattress. The clear base of the floaty provides the look of floating on air, too! Or in this case, water. The details of the carpet are extremely similar to the actual magic flying carpet in Aladdin, tassels and all.

Any Aladdin lover will be pouncing all over this, especially considering it retails for only $59.95USD. But if you really want to make your Aladdin collection complete, there is an entire Aladdin beach line. Including a Magic Carpet Beach Towel that retails for $22.95USD!



It’s a whole new world of beach accessories!




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