Tim Hortons officially has their own rewards program, which officially launched this week!




Here are some key points about the new program:

  • The rewards are counted by VISIT, not by PURCHASE (If you were to buy a drink and food item, that’s accounts for ONE visit)
  • You must spend at least 50 cents / visit
  • Each visit must be 30 min. apart



So how does the new rewards program work? As TimHortons.com explains, “Scan your card.  Before each purchase, scan your digital or physical card.”  Then, “Purchase 7 items.  After every seven purchases, you can collect your reward.”  And lastly, “Redeem your reward! Earn a free coffee, tea (any size) or baked good.”  Keep in mind – ‘baked good’ does not include Timbits or bagels.


Photo By: TimHortons.com
Photo By: TimHortons.com


How do you sign up for a new Tim’s reward card? According to Chatelaine, “You can go in-store and get a reusable physical card, download the Tim Hortons app, or download Tims Rewards to your digital wallet on iPhone or Android.  If you pick up up a physical card, register it online or through the app—for a limited time, registering will give you an additional free reward on your first purchase of more than $1.50.”


Tim Hortons’ chief operating officer Mike Hancock says, “This was our biggest initiative of the year.  Ultimately, why we launched this program was a reaction to the voice of our guests.  We listened to our guests and they said this is something that they wanted.”


For more info on the new rewards program, click here.


And don’t forget – Tim Hortons now has yummy strawberry baked goods which includes a ‘Strawberry and cream donut,’  a ‘Strawberry dip donut’ and a ‘Strawberry cheesecake muffin.’


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