Alessia Cara released her brand new music video for the song, Out of Love off of her latest album, The Pains of Growing.

This is the first song that Alessia Cara wrote from someone else’s point of view.

She said, “They were going through something and they were going through the end of a relationship where somebody has fallen out of love with them, and they aren’t a songwriter and they didn’t really know how to express this, so they came up to me personally and asked me, like ‘hey, could you one day write a song about this – like about someone falling out of love with you?’ I was like ‘sure, yeah.'”

“I had no idea what to write about that day, and then that concept ‘Out of Love’ came into my head, and I sat down and wrote it in like 10 minutes. It was one of those things that came out so quickly – I have a recording of it actually, of us writing it; like he’s playing on the piano following my melodies and my lyrics and the lyrics were falling out of me, and the chords are falling out of him, and it was like one of those weird cosmic things that just came together so quickly and naturally, and I was really freaked out at the end, I was like whoa, we really made something cool, and I had no idea what we were even making 10 seconds ago, and now we made this really awesome song.”

She answered a few twitter questions before the video came out:

That sounds like an intense workout to me…

Ugh, all.the.feels.

Wow! Just a day? Impressive.

Lol, imagine?? That looks so fun!

They really are, and totally added to the video!

Love that!!

We LOVE it Alessia!!

Go check it out. Just perffff <3


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