Most of us can probably agree that we thought these trends were forever left in the 90’s… but they’re back!

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1. Frosted Tips

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The hair might not be as spiky and gelled as it used to be, but the highlights are back! If Zayn’s doing it, the world’s doing it.

2. Fanny Packs

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The fact that fanny packs became uncool is one of the greatest fashion tragedies of our time. They’re just so darn convenient! Good thing they’re back. Go forth and pack your fanny!

3. French Toast Crunch

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Teeny tiny slices of sweetened, crunchy bread? Yes please! French Toast Crunch was so fun for a kid of the ’90s, and (I’m speaking from experience), it’s somehow even better as an adult. Trust me. Go buy a box.

4. Chokers

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Any piece of jewelry named after a violent act should be questioned. But nevertheless, chokers are back. And it’s not like it wasn’t totally cool in the ’90s to look partially decapitated, but let’s just say we did not expect that look to come back into fashion anytime soon.

5. ‘Twin Peaks’

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Twin Peaks is arguably the weirdest thing to come out of the ’90s. And by “weirdest,” I mean the most wonderfully quirky and strange TV show practically ever. And it’s coming back!! David Lynch and the gang are currently filming a revival series. You know, this is, excuse me, a damn fine piece of news.

6. Crop Tops

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“Shirts are okay, but what if we cut off half of each one? That might be better. We’ll call them…HALF SHIRTS!”

“How about crop tops?”

“…I like ‘half shirts’ better.”

7. Pink Hair

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Pink hair, don’t care! For every ’90s darling who asked for “The Rachel,” there was a cool chick who went pink. And now it’s back and better than ever.

8. Surge

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Surge debuted in 1996 and was taken off the shelves in the early 2000s, but now it’s back. And it’s all thanks to a group of passionate Surge fans who persistently lobbied the Coca-Cola Company to start making it again. If only people would be as spirited about lobbying for and electing the right politicians for this country as they are about getting soft drinks back in stores.

9. Mom Jeans

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Mom jeans are no longer a laughing matter (though that sketch is still really funny). High-waisted jeans are in again and THANK GOD! It was a little touch and go there for a while. More coverage 100 percent beats the low-rise coin slot epidemic of the early 2000s.

10. Hi-Top Fades

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At least this is the part of The Fresh Prince we’re making popular again and not Will Smith’s eventual Scientology beliefs. #WatchGoingClear

11. Jelly Sandals

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Are your feet dripping with sweat and sliding around your shoes like a cat trying to walk on ice? Then you might be wearing jelly sandals!

12. ‘Full House’ (as ‘Fuller House’)

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Did we need this show back? The one about a widower and his three daughters who live in San Francisco with his dead wife’s brother and another guy who lives in the basement and makes weird noises? YOU GOT IT, DUDE!

I know the premise of Fuller House isn’t exactly the same, but it’s one example of a new tradition of nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake. “How rude!” you say. Yeah, well, the truth hurts.

13. Tying a Shirt Around Your Waist

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Grunge is great…? Whether you believe that or not, it’s back. So tie a flannel around your waist and get rocking. And maybe stop showering. And brushing your hair.

14. Hydrox Cookies

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Hydrox cookies are better known as “off-brand Oreos,” even though they technically came first. And while they were officially discontinued in 1999, one man is on a mission to bring them back. Why? We’re not entirely sure.

15. Overalls

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Overalls are back baby! And they’re coming in hot. No seriously, they’re super trendy and we’re way too excited about the return of this trend, no matter how hard they make it to use the restroom.

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