Taylor Swift had eye surgery and while she was hopped up on drugs, her mom lovingly recorded this HILARITY!

(And for giving us this video we all need to send Taylor’s mom a Happy Mother’s Day card next year.)


Taylor was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote her appearance on SNL this weekend.

It seems like she absolutely had no idea that her mom had given him a video of her post-surgery.

First we see Taylor trying to get a banana from a bunch but the one she takes isn’t the one she wants.

It’s so upsetting she starts to cry but she shouldn’t cry because of the eye surgery.

Cut to her in bed where she’s less eating the banana and more smashing in through her teeth.

Later in the video Taylor addresses the #DrunkTaylor viral moment.

A quick refresher, this moment happened at a party Taylor had after everyone shot the music video for “You Need To Calm Down”:


Taylor says “I go from like zero to legitimately thinking I’m a wizard within, like, two drinks.”

Cheers, Taylor.



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