It was earlier this year K-Pop group BTS revealed they would be interested in collaborating with Billie Eilish.  Now in October, Billie was asked the same question during her chat with NPR at the Austin City Limits Festival and well, her fans are not here for that collaboration.


Billie was interviewed by Stephen Thompson and when asked about a possible BTS collaboration, Billie turned to the fans.  Unfortunately for Billie, she learned some were big ol’ BTS haters.




In the video, Billie is heard saying, “Stop! Oh my God, that is so mean,.  I’ll listen to them. They’ve very nice, they’ve said some very nice things about me.”  Indeed they have … back in April, BTS was interviewed by Beats 1 on Apple Music and when asked about future collaborators, Billie’s name came up.  Watch below.





I can actually see a collaboration between Billie and BTS happening so fingers crossed both artists can make this happen.

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