Camila Cabello is finally talking about her steamy ‘Senorita’ performance with Shawn Mendes during the 2019 American Music Awards.  While on The Ellen Show, Camila was asked why she dodged Shawn’s kiss and this is what she revealed, “We kissed during [rehearsal] ’cause we always, we practice it and then I kiss him ’cause I kiss him, but then on stage it just feels weird ’cause I know that people are expecting it so then I’m like, ‘I don’t wanna’…so then that’s why I hit him with my nose.”





Ellen then showed Camila a photo from 2016 when she performed alongside Shawn and admitted to having feelings for him, which apparently, began years prior, “I for sure had a crush there.  We were stupid. I think we both a crush but we were, like, I don’t know, being babies about it but, uh…we’re grown now!”  Watch the clip below.





Joined by a choir, Camila also performed her most recent single ‘Living Proof’ while looking pretty in pink!


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