It is my favourite time of the year!

There are tons of parties, snacks and presents (did I mention the snacks?!)

With all of this excitement, there is also a ton of garbage.

The Edmonton Waste Management Centre receives almost twice the amount of waste at the end of December compared to the start of the month.

Here are a couple of ways that you can help save the planet while enjoying all of the festivities!

Waste-Friendly Gifts:

  • Experience gifts! Concert tickets, admission passes, paint nights, etc.
  • Wrap gifts with reusable materials! Gift bags, scarfs, whatever! Get creative!
  • Donate your time and skills as a gift!
  • Donate to the gift-getters favourite charity!
  • Gift a subscription or membership! (Disney+ just came out!)

Waste-Friendly Decorations:

  • Pick quality decorations to last you a few years.
  • Donate any unwanted items to the Reuse Centre or a local charity!
  • Recycle your natural Christmas tree


  • Plan to store/freeze or make sure that all the food is eaten!
  • Donate any unopened treats, etc. to a local charity.
  • Check your cupboards and plan your meals to ensure that you don’t buy doubles!

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