Some people don’t shower every day, and believe it or not, these people may have it right!


It may sound counterproductive, but a shower every day could be bad for your skin. Some dermatologists only recommend a shower every other day, or two to three times a week.


Not convinced that you can skip the daily shower and stay clean? Here’s what you need to know about showering too much, as well as not showering enough.



If you shower too much it can lead to discomfort, and you may experience:

  • itching
  • dry, flaky skin
  • flare-ups of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis
  • dry, brittle hair


Too many showers may rinse away “good” bacteria from your skin, putting you at risk for infections.

Skin health isn’t the only reason to shower less, though. Showers use a lot of water, but you may not realize how much.



Taking shorter showers or reducing your number of showers can drastically decrease your family’s water consumption. You’ll not only conserve resources, but also lower your utility bill.

The Alliance for Water Efficiency estimates that the average shower lasts about 8.2 minutes and uses roughly 17.2 gallons of water.



If you go too long between showers you may experience:

  • increased body odor
  • acne
  • flare-ups of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis
  • skin infections
  • areas of dark or discolored skin
  • in extreme cases, dermatitis neglecta, thick patches of scaly skin



Here are a few tips to bathe correctly and protect your skin.

  • Only take one shower a day (every other day, if possible). On days that you don’t shower, give yourself a sponge bath. Wash your face, armpits, and groin with a washcloth.
  • Don’t shower in hot water. Use warm water, instead.
  • Limit showers to 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Use a gentle soap or cleanser, and thoroughly rinse off soap before exiting the shower.
  • Don’t rub your skin with a towel. Blot skin dry to retain moisture.
  • Avoid cleansers and soaps with fragrances or deodorants. These products can irritate your skin.
  • Apply moisturizer to your skin after each shower or bath.
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