Edmonton’s cold weather this week could break records!


According to The Weather Network, the deep freeze is “courtesy of a cross-polar flow pulling in some of the chilliest air in the Northern Hemisphere.” The previous coldest temperature recorded in the Capital city was -28.3 C. We could set a new record low on Tuesday, as the temperature hits -33 C. Keep in mind, that’s WITHOUT THE WIND CHILL!


With the wind chill, Edmontonians can expect temperatures to feel as low as -45 C, making Edmonton colder than the North Pole! When the wind chill is between -40 C and -47 C, there is a very high risk of getting frostbite and skin can freeze in just five to 10 minutes. It’s important to dress in warm layers, wear an outer layer that’s wind-resistant, cover all exposed skin, stay dry and keeping active.




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