The original Disney: Cinderella hit theaters 70 years ago today! February 15, 1950!

Now, It’s been a year since the announcement: another live-action Cinderella is on the way!

This one will be produced by James Corden, directed by Kay Cannon and is set to “modernize” the story.

So, who is set to star in the new version? This is what we know so far:

Cinderella: Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is ready to take on this iconic role! It will be her feature acting debut. Not only is she starring in the project, she is also going to be involved in the music for the film.

Fairy Godmother: Billy Porter

Billy Porter can bring all of his red-carpet glamour to this role! I am here for it!

Prince Robert: Nicholas Galitzine

British actor Nicholas Galitzine wowed filmmakers with his chemistry with Camila, giving him the role of Prince Robert. He has previously been in productions like The Beat Beneath My Feet, opposite Luke Perry. He also stars alongside Uma Thurman in the Netflix Series Chambers.

Evil Stepmother: Idina Menzel

She has a Tony and a Grammy under her belt, and you’ll recognize her voice as Queen Elsa from Frozen but, Idina Menzel is set to take on the villain role in this Disney flick!

The King: Pierce Bronson

Queen Beatrice: Minnie Driver

Evil Stepsister(s): Charlotte Spencer & Maddie Baillio

Town Crier: Missy Elliott

Talk about puttin’ that thing down and reversing it.

The Mice/Cinderella’s Bffs: John MulaneyJames Corden & Romesh Ranganathan

I am so excited!!

Filming is happening in London as we speak! The movie is set to hit theaters February 5th, 2021!







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