Lady Gaga has said multiple times that she is ‘pregnant with her sixth album’, but when will she officially give birth to it?! That’s the question her ‘Little Monsters’ have patiently waiting for her to answer.


There have been a few revealing posts on Instagram and Twitter regarding the album, including who may or may not be working on the album with Gaga.



Her fans are speculating over every Gaga post, trying to find the hidden meanings. Like this one, which has many thinking that the new album could simply be titled ‘GAGA’ after she got a tattoo with the musical notes G-A-G-A in sequence.



As for when Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album will be released… all “reports” are pointing to VERY SOON. Many have speculated that the album would drop in early 2020. Well, we’re creeping our way toward the middle of 2020, and still nothing! We’ll keep our fingers crossed in hopes that Gaga’s new album is here sooner rather than later.

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