They’re coming back!

Last summer, Edmonton saw Lime and Bird scooters take over the city! There was some drama though- people throwing them up in trees, setting them on fire and who knows what else… despite all of this, E-scooters are returning to #YEG again this year!

Bird Canada confirmed that their scooters will return on April 1st. Their services will be the same as last year. Operating around Old Strathcona and the Downtown core. How many scooters that will be available is still TBD as they’re working out their fleet size.

Lime has not confirmed an official launch date, saying that the “scooters will come out when the weather is nice enough.”

Lime is introducing 2 new features this year including:

Group Ride- allowing users to unlock up to 5 scooters with one account. Riders can also be added on the fly, even if the host’s ride is already in progress.

Lime Pass- weekly subscription service, offering unlimited rides for $4.99. This offer unlocks scooters for 7 consecutive days. Depending on how often you’re using the service, this can pay for itself in as little as 2 or 3 days.


ANOTHER E-scooter company is also jumping on board (get it…) this year!

Roll Scooters will be available in Edmonton. We don’t have any indication of when we can expect them to launch. The City of Edmonton is expecting scooter services to ramp up on April 1st.


  • You can use E-scooters on roads with a posted speed limit of 50 KM/hr or less.
  • You can use E-scooters on bike lanes, shared paths or park trails that are maintained by the city.
  • NOT allowed on sidewalks, park trails that aren’t maintained by the city OR on roads with a speed limit exceeding 50 KM/hr.
  • There aren’t any docking stations. When finished riding, the scooters can be parked on sidewalks, parking lanes, transit centres or rec centres.
  • The scooters CANNOT block doors or travel for people walking, biking or driving.
  • Helmets are not provided though the companies suggest you wear your own.


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